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Implementing our COVID-19 Safety Protocol will protect both clinic staff and patients with automated pre and post visit check-ins. Regaining their confidence will lead to a faster increase in the number of patient visits per day.

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This product does not provide medical advice
The contents of the FollowApp Care platform are for informational purposes only. The information collected and provided is not intended to be a substitute for medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment. Always seek the official advice of your government with any questions you may have regarding how to respond to the information provided by FollowApp Care.  

Knowing the patient health status and risk level in advance helps dentists to decide what treatments (if any) and what PPE are appropriate.

Taking precautions by safely transitioning back to full function provides both patients and dentists confidence in the process.

How it works

Automated alerts

  • Get a notification in real time via SMS/Email and in-platform when a risk case or a patient in need is identified

  • Alerts automatically display in order of priority

  • Easy alert management with an option to chat back and forth with patient

  • Easy access to a record of each patient’s check-in responses

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Subscription Details

Your first month on the FollowApp Care system is free! You will be able to cancel your subscription anytime within the trial period. After the trial, pricing will be dependent on the number of licenses (per practice). Full subscription details can be found for the following locations:

The COVID-19 related questions sent to patients follow the guidelines set out by your national dental association. These questions are subject to change as national guidelines are updated. You can preview the SMS and prescreening content in the Patient Communications section for the following locations: 

Patient Communications

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